Dearest Rach, When you asked me to join you on this “mission”, we had the same goal in mind.  We made the journey together holding

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Photo of Rachel from Matt's Remembrance

Matt S.

I didn’t have that many Pictures of us. But I think this picture I took in Lafayette is worth 1000 words. That laugh and that

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The Akenbauers

Rachel was a huge inspiration to our two sons, Josh & Jaden. When we told our boys that Rachel had went to be with the

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Christina Xenides

Tribute to Rachie     INTRODUCTION For those who don’t know me, I’m Christina, one of Rachel’s closet friends. If you read her blog then

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Sandy & Bill Davis

Dear Pat and family, I am enclosing a poem.  You have probably seen this poem, but in case you haven’t I am sending it.  The

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Rachel was such a beautiful soul and I know she is watching over all of us.   I realize that doesn’t diminish the pain and

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Rachel and Friends


I admire Rachel for being true to herself. Her genuine nature, kindness to all, and infectious laugh made any time I spent with her, time

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Earl and Rachel


While I was in Congress, Rachel worked as an intern in the Washington office.  For all the interns who came through in the 18 years

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Nicole Xenides

The very first time I met Rachie was when I was about 8 years old. Christina was having a sleepover with a group of her

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Rachel sliding down a slide


Rachel has inspired and impacted my life so so, so much and I am so glad that she was in my life! I always looked

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Uncle Dean

Rachel is everywhere! Where to begin? Rachel is in every one of us, in everything we see, in everything we touch & in our hearts

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Auntie Pam Sorenson

Rachel’s Footprint On My Life Anyone who knew Rach or had the privilege of reading her blog, would be inspired by her selflessness, amazing positivity

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“The next girl you bring home, is the girl you’re going to marry” I told Daniel after becoming tired of meeting various girlfriends who seemed

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Matt, Rachel, and Becky

Matt & Becky

Pat, I remember when you, Rachel, Becky and I met for drinks in the West Village almost 3 years ago.  We had just moved downtown

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Kristi Hendricks

The outcome was not what we wanted; however, our sweet Rachel fought so hard and with a smile on her face.  I am slowly learning

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Collage of photos of Rachel and friends


It’s hard to imagine this world without Rach, it just can’t be real life. When I think of her, I can hear her sweet voice

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collage of Rachel


When I started to realize how much of a battle Rach was fighting, I started running. Nothing too much, but it was my way to

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Jessica Monson

Because of Rach…. I will Be Brave…and do pretty much EVERYTHING different.   The first day I met Rach (and Becca), I arrived at their

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Ryan Ahern

The first time I ever met Rachel was over beer and fried pickles in a random Fargo bar called Geckos! I was nervous to meet

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