Uncle Gary

Hi, Dan.

I just thought I’d contact you, knowing that you have an especially difficult time ahead of you in the next few days.  I hope the service is all you and Rachel’s family want it to be and that it goes smoothly.

As you know, Diane and I thought a great deal of Rachel and she’s been in our thoughts much of the time recently.  It’s impossible to convey our feelings about the loss of Rachel and words can often seem inadequate.  I therefore decided to compose a poem as a lasting tribute to the girl we will always remember.

I hope you feel this poem does justice to the memory of Rachel.  It comes from the heart.

Thinking of you, Dan.



For Rachel

It’s often the most beautiful bloom

That’s the first to be plucked from the stem.

We love to admire their grace and perfume

But the gardener has other plans for them.

We know that all blossoms must fade and fall

But we’ll remember that flower without a thorn.

Its loss to the garden is a loss to us all,

A heart-breaking sadness that can barely be borne.

If we could travel through time and space,

Feel once again the warmth of your smile.

To hold you in one last loving embrace

And keep that moment in our hearts a while.

By Gary Walmsley