Matt S.

Photo of Rachel from Matt's RemembranceI didn’t have that many Pictures of us. But I think this picture I took in Lafayette is worth 1000 words. That laugh and that smile could make the worst day turn around in one instant. No matter what, she was always happy and had that smile. Even if someone around her was down she was right there to help brighten up the day.

I will never forget the night we all went out for Sushi in Maui before my wedding. We had one of the best nights ever and it was all because of her. She even had everyone in the restaurant laughing. That laugh of hers that I will remember forever, was so amazing and contagious.

She and I are a lot alike in the way we always try and find a random cat and lure it in with our soft voice and whispers, and sometimes food. Yes, she and I once tried to get a cat to come home with us one late night. But we couldn’t find it.

She is and always be one of the most amazing individuals that has been part of my life and I will carry her close to my heart today and always.

Love Matt