collage of RachelWhen I started to realize how much of a battle Rach was fighting, I started running. Nothing too much, but it was my way to let out my frustration in as healthy of a way as possible. I would pound the pavement so hard some days over the extreme sadness I would feel for her, her mother, sister, and all that knew her. I would cry it out and have that time to gain some clarity in a real dark situation.  The clouds would provide me much peace most nights, but it was the time when I would send all my healing power and love to Rach and her family.

I continue to take that run and as I do, I still have a deep connection to all that she still is. Her love, light, spunk, and unconditional love is very present. Someone as special as she is, has the ability to give comfort in powerful ways. She is a force that all of us know won’t sit back. She inspires all of us to live like Rach. Unafraid to be our best, willing to take on challenge with poise, loving harder than we’ve ever loved before. I will always look up to all that she is and I will share her light with those most dear to me.

She is a gift. A gift I cherish deeply and will not take for granted. I love her, miss her, and want to be more like her. I will smile more, although I lack those fabulous dimples she has. I will continue to feel her love on my runs as I look to the sky and know she is in the arms of one of her special heroes. They are there to comfort us all, in the most sacred of ways. Their light shines bright. I am so lucky to have known one of the best.  I love you Rach and thank you for all you have done to give us the most precious time with you.

Love always,