Rachel sliding down a slideRachel has inspired and impacted my life so so, so much and I am so glad that she was in my life! I always looked forward to her coming to visit me even if it was just for a few hours. Rachel was always so positive and uplifting. If you were having a bad day, she was always there to make your day better any chance she got. She is always someone who I will look up to and admire so much. When I found out that she had cancer I told myself that everything was going to be OK, Rachel could get through anything that life challenged her to do. I am so so glad that she started a blog to keep others updated that didn’t live so close. This blog has been so positive and uplifting to anyone who has ever read it. Some days if I am not having a great day, I will read her blog posts. They remind me that yes things may come as you were not expecting, look at life from a positive aspect. Again, I was extremely blessed to have Rachel in my life, and she is someone I will forever lookup to. Rachel, you are MY hero and will always be.

Love you forever and always, Erica