Matt & Becky

Matt, Rachel, and BeckyPat,

I remember when you, Rachel, Becky and I met for drinks in the West Village almost 3 years ago.  We had just moved downtown and were still finding our way around the neighborhood.  We picked The Left Bank as a place because we didn’t know any better.  As soon as we sat down, Rachel just naturally began with her sparkling conversation abilities and made a few hours go by in a few minutes.  I don’t even remember what we talked about that night, but I remember laughing and feeling so comfortable in her presence—Becky did too.  It was amazing how we had lived in New York for almost 10 years, and here we find fellow North Dakotans, and one of them is making us feel like we’ve belonged in this particular neighborhood, at this particular spot forever, and we had just moved in a few weeks earlier.  She had that ability to connect with her heart and soul and radiant smile (and often her own particular brand of humor, maybe not for the faint of heart) ☺.  Also, when we made our small donation to her get-well campaign in December, she wrote back one of the funniest and sweetest replies ever.  Here it is in its entirety—I’m struck by how brave and strong she was in writing this, knowing how tough the battle was that she was in.  She radiated hope and humor and just about the best stance toward adversity I’ve ever read:

“Matt – I can’t tell you how overwhelmed, grateful and just absolutely filled with love I am by your generous gift. I honestly think I shit my pants when I saw it. This definitely helps us over the next week as we decide what to do for Christmas and keep as much fam together as we can, so you have literally contributed to a Christmas miracle. Both you and Rebecca have such golden and gracious hearts. I’m so blessed our paths crossed all because our Dads like coffee. I just recently came across the picture the three of us took a couple years ago in the West Village – I’ll send it to you. Once I kick this shit, I’ll be a highly paid author living in that neighborhood, so I expect frequent outings. (I’ll PAY!!). Love you guys xoxo – Rach “

Becky and I will be making a donation in her memory to the new Anne Carlsen Center that’s a tribute to how she lived her life—with a full heart, laughing and smiling, and always hopeful.  She will be dearly missed, and her memory will never be forgotten.


Matt, for Becky too