Sandy & Bill Davis

Dear Pat and family,

I am enclosing a poem.  You have probably seen this poem, but in case you haven’t I am sending it.  The priest read this at my mother’s funeral, and it gave me and our family a lot of comfort and it still does.  My mom passed away when I was 35 and my dad passed when I was 45, so this poem was very comforting and it still is.  Hope it is some comfort to you.

I think we only met you daughter Rachel the one time, at Camille and Mike’s house the New Year’s weekend before they were married back in 2005.  We have visited with Becca a few times after that, and of course you and Eric many times.

I read Rachel’s blog.  It is as she said a “remarkable ride.”  It was difficult to read about what she was going through, and yet her spirit, courage, and strength really showed through.  The most remarkable thing was her smile, that really touched me, with all she was going through she could still smile.  She must have been a remarkable young woman.  She fought a valiant fight, it was just sad that she didn’t win her battle.

I pray God comforts you and your family through this difficult time.

God Bless You All,

Sandy and Bill Davis