Auntie Pam Sorenson

Rachel’s Footprint On My Life

Anyone who knew Rach or had the privilege of reading her blog, would be inspired by her selflessness, amazing positivity and immeasurable ability to love.  The word love was repeated over and over in her blog.  Her immense love of life and positive attitude helped sustain her through months (years) of incredible pain and suffering.  Even those who loved her deeply could not have known how deep her pain was.

She kept that pain and suffering to herself, out of love for her family and friends.  There are few people that possess the ability to love that profoundly.

When I consider life without Rach I am filled with overwhelming sorrow that I (we) will never see her amazing smile (+ dimple) or hear her infectious laugh again.

When I’m overcome by grief, I think to myself, “What would Rachel do or what would Rachel want me to do?” The answer is she would want me to live my life to the fullest, seek joy in the small blessings I receive every day, practice acceptance and most of all spread LOVE!

I LOVE you Rach! (I will not say good-by, because you will always be in my heart!)

Auntie Pam Sorensen