Earl and RachelWhile I was in Congress, Rachel worked as an intern in the Washington office.  For all the interns who came through in the 18 years I was there, Rachel was unique. She had this effervescent way about her. No day at the nation’s capital, no matter how stressful or contentious, could take the smile from her face or the gleam from her eye.  Rachel’s amazing spirit could pick up the mood of the entire office. I don’t remember another intern who positively impacted morale like Rachel.  In addition to the “energizer bunny” side of Rachel, was a very smart, and determined young woman who could work with anyone and was absolutely fearless. Rachel demonstrated each of these attributes in the years to follow, as a law student, a successful and entrepreneurial lawyer, and as one who bravely faced extraordinary and tragic challenges. Rachel’s place in our hearts and memories is completely secure.  I will always be grateful we had the chance to work together so I had the chance to know this dear and wonderful soul.