Collage of photos of Rachel and friendsIt’s hard to imagine this world without Rach, it just can’t be real life. When I think of her, I can hear her sweet voice say, “Hi Lovey” and make you feel like time hasn’t passed for a minute. You pick up where you left off, the way friendships become when life gets crazy. 

This has been so tough on everyone – All I can do is relive the moments I had with her and be grateful for Sampson and Kap connecting all of us the way they did. We were fortunate to have celebrated together years of Bachelorette Parties, Baby Showers, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Ugly Sweater Parties, the Lakes, Mexico, Vegas and growing up at Woody’s. I am grateful for every minute and memory. 

Moving forward, we hold onto hope and faith in order to fight the fear of what life will be like without her. I’m honored, truly -truly honored to have known and loved her. Her ambitious soul, her sweet spirit, her brave heart, her smart, witty, adventurous and silly humor will continue to remind us all of what life is supposed to be like with the time we get. She would encourage us to be kind and to love everyone and to make everyone feel as though they mattered, because they truly mattered to her. 

She was supposed to beat this, to go to AZ. If love could have kept her alive, she would have outlived us all and now selfishly we will have to find a way to make sense of this and find a new normal. It’s beyond unfair and it can’t be real life, but again, it is. 

I know this – I am a better person for knowing her, and we are all better humans because of her. 

Love you Rach,

God Bless you sweet girl.