Christina Xenides

Tribute to Rachie     INTRODUCTION For those who don’t know me, I’m Christina, one of Rachel’s closet friends. If you read her blog then you’ll recognize me by the disputed nickname she gave me “Our Lady of the …yada yada yada.” I firmly maintain that it was ALWAYS the baby (or maybe Eddie our […]

Nicole Xenides

The very first time I met Rachie was when I was about 8 years old. Christina was having a sleepover with a group of her friends and Rachel was one of them. I remember my dad “made” chocolate mousse for everyone. My dad asked me to go tell the girls dessert was ready. For some […]

Jessica Monson

Because of Rach…. I will Be Brave…and do pretty much EVERYTHING different.   The first day I met Rach (and Becca), I arrived at their house to find two perfectly adorable sisters, in the prettiest floral dresses and curled hair with bows in it. I, on the other hand, was donning a No Fear Gear […]


Dearest Rach, When you asked me to join you on this “mission”, we had the same goal in mind.  We made the journey together holding hands, keeping each other strong.  When you were no longer strong enough to continue the fight, your spirit knew it was time for you to rest.  The hardest thing I’ve […]

Grandma LaVina

Rachel Elizabeth,   I have so many wonderful memories of you growing up and watching you become a beautiful young woman. Grandpa and I particularly enjoyed going to the beach with you, watching you feed Lady at Big Pines and helping package night crawlers. We loved watching you dance in the Nutcracker and going on […]

The Akenbauers

Rachel was a huge inspiration to our two sons, Josh & Jaden. When we told our boys that Rachel had went to be with the Lord, they both commented that they felt like they lost their older sister. Her infectious smile always brightened the room wherever she was. Her giggly, fun personality always made our […]


Earl and Rachel

While I was in Congress, Rachel worked as an intern in the Washington office.  For all the interns who came through in the 18 years I was there, Rachel was unique. She had this effervescent way about her. No day at the nation’s capital, no matter how stressful or contentious, could take the smile from […]

Matt & Becky

Matt, Rachel, and Becky

Pat, I remember when you, Rachel, Becky and I met for drinks in the West Village almost 3 years ago.  We had just moved downtown and were still finding our way around the neighborhood.  We picked The Left Bank as a place because we didn’t know any better.  As soon as we sat down, Rachel […]


Rachel and Jorgia

I first started babysitting Rachel when I was 12.  She was this adorable blonde-haired blue-eyed girl.  She and Becca wore matching leggings outfits from a boutique in the Northport shopping mall, I put pink sponge rollers in her pig tails after her bath and I let her watch Pretty Woman before realizing I probably shouldn’t […]


Collage of photos of Rachel and friends

It’s hard to imagine this world without Rach, it just can’t be real life. When I think of her, I can hear her sweet voice say, “Hi Lovey” and make you feel like time hasn’t passed for a minute. You pick up where you left off, the way friendships become when life gets crazy.  This […]